How to Make a Woman Like You

The dating game can be hard, especially when meeting people that aren't your type or dealing with rejections from the opposite sex. But there are things that a man can do to make a woman like him and which don't involve presents, money or corny lines. Read on to find out how to get the woman you've been eyeing to give you a chance to be her man.

Be Courteous

Be a gentleman. No woman can resist a man that knows how to make her feel special so when out on a date, hold the door, be friendly and show her that you are having a great time hanging out with her.

Show respect by not being overly aggressive and by respecting her boundaries. If she does not want you to make any sexual advances, be respectful of that. Take your time getting to know her personally and find out her likes and dislikes.

Try to be relaxed around the woman you're with and don't be afraid to show her your funny side. Women love a man who has a sense of humor and telling a joke or two shows them you are a fun guy.

Give the woman a compliment and tell her she is pretty or talk about her best physical feature-- eyes, smile, beautiful hair or her outfit. A little flattery will definitely score you some points.

Let your personality shine by being an interesting person. Tell her a couple of good stories, be smart and/or a little mysterious. A woman likes a man that isn't clingy, who has his own interests and will not be at her beck and call at all times. Showing her you have your own life will make you look very attractive.

Listen to what she has to say. Do not dominate the conversation. Don't talk about yourself exclusively. Understand that healthy communication involves not only speaking but listening to the other person and paying attention to what they're saying and responding.

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  • Every woman is different when it comes to the qualities she likes in a man. If you can't meet her expectations, bid her farewell.
  • Just be you. Women don't expect a man to be absolutely perfect.


  • Don't ever check out other women or flirt with them in your date's presence.
  • Avoid discussing past relationship woes or about an ex. No woman wants to deal with a guy with extra emotional baggage.

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