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Dating can be stressful without the right mindset.Dating can be stressful without the right mindset.

Dating can be stressful for even the most experienced of men. Meeting new people and sharing yourself with them requires a lot of openness and confidence. It is difficult to make sure you are giving all of your attention to your date when you are busy wondering what she thinks of you. Getting yourself in the right mindset before a date goes a long way in making sure you are relaxed enough to enjoy the experience.

Look Like You Care

Take care of yourself and show up to your date looking like you care what she thinks of you. Take a bath or shower beforehand, and be sure to shave or trim your facial hair. Get a haircut before your date, and take some time picking out a wardrobe of nice clothing that shows you want to make a good impression. Make sure to cut your fingernails and wear deodorant and cologne.

Honesty and Humor

Discuss things honestly without building yourself up or exaggerating to try to gain your date's attention. Have a good sense of humor about everything, including yourself. Maintain a playful attitude and do not let yourself get nervous. Realize that you are great the way you are, and you do not need to do anything but be yourself to get her to like you. Listen to what your date is saying, and respond without directing the conversation away from what she wants to discuss.


Remain polite at all times to show you are a good person. Offer to open doors and pull out chairs. Give compliments and offer to pay for the date. Be kind and polite to people you encounter during dates. Tip the waiter and be courteous to him. Show up for the date on time or a little bit early. This shows that her time matters to you, and you care what she thinks.


If you are enjoying the date, try to plan another one as the date progresses. Suggest a future idea of something the two of you could do together. If you are too nervous to do this, get your date's phone number if you do not already have it. Tell her that you will be calling if you want to go on another date. If things did not go well and you do not want to go on another date, do not say you will call and get your date's hopes up.

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