How to Get a Man Addicted to You

After you've captured a man's attention, getting him to stick around is another battle. Since some men have short attention spans, bringing your "A" game is a must. Destroy competition from outside interests by making him crave your companionship. Show your man that he can't function properly without you.

Blow his mind. Use your charm and in-depth knowledge of his likes to anticipate his needs. Let him know that you will provide consistent support.

Listen to remarks about his ex-girlfriends to surpass their performances. Make your man redefine what having a good time with a woman means. Avoid reacting with jealousy when he talks about his romantic past, as this can help you find out the best ways to keep him.

Engage in some of his hobbies. Immersing yourself in his world shows that you're truly interested in him. Initiate conversations about his likes to encourage him to open up to you. Allowing him to teach you new things can inspire positive feelings. Avoid putting down his interests, especially if you've never tried to appreciate them.

Play to his ego. Make your man believe you have eyes only for him. Boost his confidence with well-placed compliments and praise. Finding ways to seek out his advice or help can also make him feel special.

Assert your independence and self-confidence. While men enjoy being aggressive, they can also appreciate this quality in a well-adjusted woman. Let your man know that while you adore him, you also have your own opinions and interests. Withdrawing from him to spend time with your friends, or simply to be alone, makes him miss you.

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