How to Get Your Man Back If He Dumped You

Relationships can have the highest of highs or the lowest of lows. If a man dumps you, it can feel like the end of the world. Fortunately, not all breakups are permanent, and there are steps to take to help improve your chances of getting your man back if he dumps you. Remember, though, not all relationships are worth salvaging and not all men are worth trying to win back.

Keep a distance after the breakup. Men like to be hunters. They don't want a woman to constantly be seeking them and being clingy, especially after a breakup. Keeping your distance after being dumped gives you time to evaluate the relationship, and it gives him time to wonder if he made a mistake by letting you go.

Work on yourself, for yourself. Everyone has vices they wish they could change. Maybe you have a hard time trusting people; maybe you don't communicate as well as you'd like. Whatever the changes are, make sure you do them for yourself, not because your ex wishes that you were different. In the end, these changes will make you feel better about yourself and will make him notice your new level of confidence.

Take up a new hobby. This step has two advantages. The first is that it will keep your mind off of the breakup and help lift your spirits. The second is that it will show your ex that you can be okay without him. If he knows that you're fine (maybe even better than fine) without him, he'll wonder why he ever dumped you in the first place and will be more likely to want you back.

Communicate openly with him when the time is right. When you have both had an adequate amount of time to let the breakup sink in and evaluate your relationship, have an open conversation with him about your desire to get back together. Discuss why he left you in the first place and if it is something the two of you can work on. Be honest but not needy.

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  • If he's still not interested in mending the relationship then walk away and consider it his loss.

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