How to Get a Man to Chase You

Let him know you are interested if you want a man to chase you.Let him know you are interested if you want a man to chase you.

The dating game is filled with opportunities to play both the role of the hunter and the hunted. While many people enjoy the thrill of chasing down prey, it's often more desirable to be the one being chased. Learning to attract and keep a man's attention is the key to getting a man to chase you.

Let him know you're interested. Men love confident, outspoken women. Use this to your advantage as you make your desires known. Putting him on notice will help put you in the forefront of his thoughts and imagination. Whether verbal or nonverbal communication is your method, make sure your actions are unmistakable without compromising your integrity or good judgment. Simple gestures like smiles or nice notes can work to put a smile on his face and make room in his heart. Avoid degrading yourself for the sake of attention.

Give him a sneak peek. This doesn't have to apply to your clothing. Show him how you could change his current situation for the better. Shower him with compliments or praise when he's feeling low about his job. Reassure him that you'll be there for him even when it seems like no one else will. Although you may not plan on being there for him in any major capacity, it's important that he places you on a pedestal. Once you've reached this elevated status, it will be easier to manipulate his feelings.

Offer desirable bait. While men may enjoy the hunt, they only invest time into chasing after worthy prizes. Make sure you're physically and emotionally well put together at all times. Although supermodel good looks and genius level mental capabilities aren't required, you do need to be extremely attractive in his eyes. Remember, there's a big difference between getting a man to like and you and getting one to chase after you. Being chase-worthy means being worth the sweat and energy spent trying to obtain you.

Keep him guessing. Men enjoy the unpredictable nature of desirable women. Since life is often regimented, make him feel that he can use you for an escape. No conversation or action you make should be the same as previous interactions. Bake him a pecan pie for no special reason to add fuel to his growing passion for you. Invite him to a football game one week and the symphony the next to show you're versatile and can readily adapt to any given situation.

Stay a few steps ahead of him at all times. Never let him catch up to your pace. The goal is to have him chase you; not let him catch you. Although you're ahead of him, it's important that he thinks he has a chance of "winning" you and your affections. He should always be able to see where you're going without the ability to control your direction. This will provide a great chase for both participants.

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  • Once you know what a man likes, it's easier to exploit his desires.


  • Never tease a man for the sake of revenge or a laugh.

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