How to Make a Man Commit

Women often try to analyze men and answer the age-old question about how to make a man commit. The fact of the matter is men are complex individuals and differ from each other in many ways. While there's no simple way to guarantee that a specific man will want to commit to you, there are ways to make yourself seem more commitment-worthy. Many women don't realize that there are some things that will push a man away from any kind of commitment.

Get to know him. Before you decide you want to make a man commit, it is crucial that you get to know him. This consists of establishing a friendship and understanding each other's personal and professional goals. Based on what you learn, you will either decide he is someone you want to be with or that your search for a compatible man continues.

Don't be needy. The number one thing women do to push men away is act needy. While men do want to know that they are needed and desired, they don't want to feel suffocated by a woman who acts too needy. Understand that a relationship is not based on neediness and is instead built on mutual respect and desire.

Maintain your independence. Being an independent woman is a very attractive quality to many men. Just like women like to be in the presence of successful and independent men, many men often appreciate the same quality in women. When you start a relationship or are merely dating someone else, it is important to not drop everything for the individual. Instead, make time for the individual, but don't neglect your other commitments.

Give him space. Rather than insisting on being over at his place 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, give him space. Make arrangements to get together and go out, but don't insist on sabotaging his life. If he says he wants to spend time with the guys, don't take it personally. Instead, tell him to have fun. This will show him that you aren't the clingy type.

Let him decide for himself. Don't pressure him to make a decision or go over the top proving how good you are for him. This will push him away. Instead, show him your good qualities. He will either decide you are worth the commitment, or realize that you two don't have as much in common as you thought. If he decides the latter, move on and realize there are other fish in the sea.

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  • Always maintain your independence and never put aside all of your plans for a man. If things happen to not work out, you'll take comfort in the fact that you didn't sacrifice your own goals and priorities.

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