How to Get a Man Interested Online

Grabbin is attention moves you forward to expand your dating opportunities.Grabbin is attention moves you forward to expand your dating opportunities.

Many women are growing tired of turning to bars, family functions, blind dates and professional organizations to meet men. Online dating is another way for singles to meet. Much like regular dating, online daters must still find creative ways to present themselves and attract potential dates. Fortunately, online dating sites provide many ways to attract and communicate with potential mates. By building an enticing profile, you can get a man interested online.

Step 1

Write an engaging profile. Your profile is critical because it helps a man can learn more about you. Include compelling facts about yourself, such as hobbies, exotic places you have visited and unusual things you have done. Keep your tone lively, upbeat and positive. Avoid negatives, such as pet peeves or discussion of past relationships.

Step 2

Post attractive photos that reveal your face and figure. Men are visual creatures, so this will draw him in. Avoid group pictures with friends or family. Choose pictures where you are alone to command his attention. Avoid pictures where you are small and the background takes up the majority of the photograph. Close-up or medium shots are best. Make sure you are smiling.

Step 3

Don't be afraid to flirt. Online dating websites make it easy to let a man know that he has captured your interest. Many sites allow you to send online gifts, winks or short messages to break the ice. Online flirting is quick, easy, less embarrassing than flirting in person and usually included with your membership. Go ahead and flirt. Chances are, he will return the favor.

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