How to Get The Man You Really Want

In order to get the man you really want, you have to first determine why you want and if the two of you are truly compatible. Many times someone only wants to get to know someone based on looks, and that is not there is to a person. Sometimes the best looking person can be the meanest, rudest or dumbest person you ever met. So it is always important tog get to know the person prior to realizing if you really an to take it to the next level. Here are the best ways to get the man you really ant and deserve.


Never settle for less then the ideal guy for you. Settling for less then you really want is a great way to be unhappy. Sure there are times you may feel the man of your dreams is not out there, but he will come to you and you will appreciate him more when he does arrive.


Make sure you are also a catch and a good person. The way you carry yourself and present yourself to the world says a lot about the person you are. Also make sure you respect yourself as he will be able to notice almost instantly and most men find that an attractive feature in a woman. Don't make him suffer from previous relationships you have had. Never take jealousy, resentment, or anger from an old relationship into a new one.


Walk up to him and say hi, hopefully this will get the conversation flowing. Then you can find out little more about him. If you are to shy to walk up to him then just smile at him from across the room, he will notice you then. You can also 'accidentally' bump into him.


When you talk to him use your body language to allow him to know your interested in him. There are many different ways to use your body language, here are a few to get his attention.

FROM AFAR - Use your eyes - When you see him looking at you, look back and catch his eyes. Look for a bit, turn away and then look again for a longer amount of time. UP CLOSE - standing -Stand facing the person without your arms folded. Also stand square-on to them to help block anyone else from interrupting your conversation. Eyes - Look them in the eyes when they are speaking to you and when you speaking to them. This shows you are really paying attetnion and are interested in them. Also look at their lips from time to time, this shows them you are noticing their lips and they will wonder what you are thinking, like perhaps kissing them. Touching - During the conversation gently touch a safe spot like the arm or the back in appropriate times. If he says something funny you can laugh and go in for a touch, this makes things more intimate in a good way.


Ask him questions about himself and find out what he likes, his interests, goals, etc. Finding out more about him will help you determine if he is worthy of you.


Every men wants to be thought of as a total catch and stroking his ego in various ways will turn him on. Here are some examples of ways to stoke his ego. Compliment him Asking his opinion Tell him he is funny (only if he is) Tell him you find him interesting Tell him you like a certain feature of his Make him feel special Compliment his clothing

Just never lie, always be honest in how you compliment him.


No one wants someone who is 'obsessed' with them. If you are always checking on where he is, how is he talking to, who calls him, etc. He will grow tired of it quickly and push you away. Give him some space and keep your own as well. A man wants and needs his space and will love a woman who can understand that without making him feel guilty for it.


We all want someone we can count on and trust with anything. Be that person for him. If he tells you about goals he wants to achieve tell him you know he can do it. This will make him feel better about himself.


Never try to be someone you are not just to reel a guy in. This will only back fire on you when he sees you for who you really are. Always be true to yourself and present the real you to anyone you meet. You want someone to like you for ho you truly are.


Being both classy and confident is a turn on for most guys. Holding yourself in a classy way and showing you are not a weak non confident women will get his attraction like crazy. Don't be like all the other girls, don't talk bout your weight issues and other annoying things boring girls talk about! Stand out. Sure the skanky girl baring all will get his attetnion, but not in a good way! He won't want to bring her home to meet the family!

Remember you can not force anyone to like you. If he is not interested then go on to the next one until you find one where the chemistry is there for the two of you.

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