How to Know If a Man Has a Romantic Interest in You

Start noticing how often he's noticing you.Start noticing how often he's noticing you.

Finding Mr. Right involves carefully assessing your options. Although it can be difficult to determine if a man has a romantic interest in you, doing so can make it easier to decide on your next move. Whether the man in question is a longtime friend or a casual acquaintance, paying attention for telltale signs of romantic attraction can reveal his hidden feelings.

Step 1

Assess the amount of eye contact that your receive. The type of eye contact he gives can reveal a variety of emotions, which may include romantic interest. Actions, such scanning your entire body during dialogue or sneaking glances at you throughout the day can indicate that you’re the source of his romantic thoughts.

Step 2

Examine his body language during conversations. Understand that nonverbal communication is an important aspect of deciphering an attraction. Affirmative signs of romantic interest may include seeking out opportunities to touch you during conversations, or leaning in closer to ensure that he doesn’t miss a word that you speak. Your guy may even begin to mirror your actions to indicate that he’s open to relating to you on your level.

Step 3

Notice how much he pays attention to you. Look for reactions when you talk about your personal life. This may include getting visibly upset when you talk about dates with other guys or asking probing questions about your hobbies and interests. If a man enjoys exchanging details about personal history or discussing thought-provoking subjects, it can also indicate that he’s attracted to you.

Step 4

Pay attention to his desire to please you. This includes watching for subtle actions such as pulling out your desk chair or more blatant actions, such as changing his wardrobe to satisfy a casual comment that you made. Keeping track of the types of compliments he gives to you may also reveal if he sees you in a romantic way. Examples include being compared to women that he deems “wife material” or being used as the quality standard when he’s judging prospective dates.

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  • If a man is willing to rush to your rescue, it may indicate that he has a romantic interest in you.
  • Talking about your observations with a trusted friend may help you reach an answer.

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