How to manage after an awful Breakup

Take time to heal before moving on after a breakup.Take time to heal before moving on after a breakup.

Regardless of the reasons and the way in which you handle it, breaking up with someone is a very emotionally challenging situation. It can consume your daily thoughts and take a toll on you physically. According to Psychology Today, situations that also involve the loss of self-esteem (like breakups) are more likely to cause depression. As long as you remember it is not the end of life, you can manage your thoughts and reorganize your life in a way that lets you heal.

Keep a journal. Record your thoughts, goals and dreams. Writing down your thoughts is a form of self-therapy, especially when it is difficult to verbally express what you feel. Be conscious of your thought process as you write from day-to-day so that you are not stuck in a cycle of self pity. Use self-help books to help you recognize and work through the stages of healing, then moving on. An article in Scientific American Mind suggests choosing self-help books that have credible authors and are based on valid psychological research.

Involve yourself in activities that diffuse stress and increase your self worth. Take up a new workout routine, start a bath routine to relax yourself, eat healthy foods you love and listen to uplifting songs. Try a new genre of songs, moving away from those you both loved during the relationship. Avoid constantly bringing up sad feelings.

Take up a new hobby or rekindle an "old love" for those you had before. Often in relationships, people give up interests because they were not compatible with the relationship. Taking up old hobbies and things you loved to do will help you regain the sense of self you had prior to the relationship. It may also be an opportunity for gaining friendships with people who have similar interests.

Find a support system. Join a support group for people in a similar situation or take up friends and family on their offers to be a leaning shoulder during this time. Find spiritual nurturing that you are comfortable with to help you reconnect with yourself and a higher being. This will give your life meaning, a sense of direction and help to fill the void. For those times you are feeling overwhelmed and have no one to turn to, call support lines like the Crisis Help Line and the NDMDA Depression Hotline.

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