How to Marry a Man with Money

Marry a Man with MoneyMarry a Man with Money

Do you want to marry a million dollar man? Here are some tips.

Know what wealth looks like. Wealth is not a fancy car, a decked out bachelor pad, a good hair cut, a close shave, a nice suit, a few pieces of art, and a $1,000 meal. These are the mere trappings of a (usually) not so wealthy dude looking to spend a bit of $$$ to get laid. Wealth is often a crumpled shirt, yesterday's jeans, shaggy hair, a modest/reasonably priced meal and, most of all, a certain unworried look. Real wealth tries to hide. A wealthy man that is wise (kind, good natured, and sincere) will never wear it on his sleeve.

Where to find your man. The millionare is everywhere if you know how to spot him. He is the man sitting quietly in the coffee shop every day reading the papers and/or working on his computer. He is the guy who still lives on your block (even though he doesn't have to). He can be found on the edges of any social gathering talking endlessly to another guy about the rather dull business that he started himself, and/or passionately expressing very complex money making thoughts on topics ranging from mathmatics to scrubbing toilets. If you are still not sure what to look for think about the men in your family who have done well.

Do not dress like a prostitute. No one wants to marry a woman that looks like one (especially if they are planning to have children). Keep your make up natural and dress in simple (yet flattering) clothing. Keep all body parts approrpiately covered. Dress in a way that would not embarass your future children. Speak politely, cleanly, and clearly. If you are confused as to why simple is best get hold of the old movie "Working Girl" or the even older movie "My Fair Lady."

If you can't catch a millionare, make one. Find a man that is smart, energetic, who has lots of business ideas (good and bad) and wants to make money. Encorage him in every way. Avoid telling him that his ideas are stupid (even if that is patently the case). Instead, encourage him to try new ways of making money even if that means switching careers or starting a business. Support his efforts by doing research and maintaining a career/job that allows him to take some risks.

Look and be debt free. Men really do not appreciate a woman who wastes money on foolish things. Don't spend extra on designer clothing (unless the piece is very special, pretty, or makes you look fantastic). Manage your money wisely (and look like you do). No sane man wants to trust their money, children, business and major life decisions to a person who is (or appears to be) silly and wasteful.

Get down to business yourself. If you know nothing about business or finance, take the time to learn. Research some stocks that interest you and invest a very small amount of your own money. Read some basic books. Think about business generally as you go about your life. You will not be able to relate to, or attract, someone who is obsessed with making money unless you know something about business. Think of ways to help your man with his business (or business ideas) or to include him in yours. If business truely bores you, then so will a man who is interested in making money.

Consider the possibility that you would likely be much happier creating new money with a self-made man of your own age than trying to deal with an older man that already has old money (and bad old habits, a history of failed relationships, and a whole bunch of other deeply entrenched and difficult to solve, and impossible to live with, problems).

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