Materialism & Dating

Warning signs during dating can be difficult to spot.Warning signs during dating can be difficult to spot.

The dating world consists of challenges every step of the way. Not only do you normally have to put effort into meeting people, but you must also go through the process of understanding the depths of another human being. A common issue that can be encountered during the dating process is materialism. However, significant materialism should be heeded as a warning sign while dating.


Materialism consists of someone valuing “material” objects highly. Material objects take many forms, but usually consist of expensive things that must be purchased, such as clothes, vehicles, or jewelry. Although everyone experiences materialism to a certain degree, extremely materialistic people may find purchasing expensive objects to be one of their central joys in life. Materialism can quickly lead to problems during the dating process.


Small doses of materialism may be expected; however, when it becomes central to someone’s personality, this negative quality can be a warning sign for significant future problems. It might signify different interests, or even problems with superficiality. Money issues can also quickly become a central issue as materialism means greater proportions of a person’s money is spent on material goods.


The clearest sign of materialism issues in someone you're dating is a propensity towards material goods. The person may only become excited or happy when purchasing something or when in the presence of material objects. Materialism often results in people making snap-judgments about others based on their outward possessions. This select group might also lack enjoyment for non-materialistic activities, such as a picnic.

Scientific Connection

Although materialism is often thought to be uniquely human, the idea of “resources” stretches into evolution, specifically into sexual selection. Evolution dictates that animals are generally attracted to others with greater resources. This specifically applies to females, who because they must exert so much energy and effort on raising young, apply measurements of a male’s fitness based on his possessions and resources. Males, on the other hand, tend to search for the most youthful females, generally pushing them towards physical superficiality.

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