What Does it Mean When a Woman Smiles at a Man She Doesn't Know?

Smiles can be simple, polite courtesies or signs of romantic interest.Smiles can be simple, polite courtesies or signs of romantic interest.

Smiles are powerful tools for meeting people and showing interest in the opposite sex. When women smile at someone, they may be doing it for a variety of reasons. Other cues and signals will let you know their intentions.

Eye Contact

Smiles do not always indicate that a woman is interested in having a drink with, or even saying more than two words to a man. If a woman smiles at a man while holding eye contact for several seconds, it likely means that she is at least interested in saying hello and chatting for a few minutes. A simple smile, no matter how nice, without any sustaining eye contact is almost definitely just a smile.

Body Language

There are certain cues that a woman gives when she is interested in talking with someone. Looking a person up and down, also known as "checking them out," is a big sign when coupled with a smile. Folding the arms and crossing the legs away from the individual are two signs that there is no real interest there, but keeping an open posture and touching her hair are good signs of interest.


If a woman smiles at a man repeatedly, it is almost guaranteed that she wants him to approach her. It could just be coincidence, but not likely.

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