How to Meet Christian Single Men

Meeting the right Christian man can bring you happiness and fulfillment.Meeting the right Christian man can bring you happiness and fulfillment.

Meeting single Christian men is the desire of many single Christian women who are looking for someone to get to know, have a fun evening with, and eventually maybe even share their life with. While meeting the right Christian man is another story altogether, meeting single Christian men to get to know and date in the elimination process is not as challenging as it may seem.

Go to church. This is a very basic but much overlooked way to meet single Christian men. If you are serious about your faith, there is no better way to find an equally serious Christian man than at church every Sunday morning. It is one thing to meet a single Christian guy at a Christian event or concert where Christians and non-Christians alike attend and mingle. However, church itself is a great place to meet men who are steadfastly seeking God.

Attend a Christian school. Granted, this only applies for those of a certain age, but whether you are just out of high school and looking for a university to attend or pursuing your master's or doctorate, choose a Christian school that will connect you with Christian men and women alike. Millions of Christian singles meet their future mate at the place they attend school.

Get involved in a small group. Most churches have small groups of anywhere from a few to 30 or so people that usually meet at the church or at people's houses. Joining a small group will not only get you involved in the church and its ministry, but also open up the doors for you to meet a Christian man who is serious about his faith. You will also likely make a lot of lasting friendships and have a lot of fun!

Meet Christian girl friends. This is a great way to connect with single Christian men; connections! Get to know some Christian women at your church or small group and make plans to hang out with them. However, it is important to note that the purpose of this is not to use these people as a means to an end, but merely to broaden your circle of acquaintances which increases the possibility that you could meet a special Christian guy. Enjoy every new relationship you form, whether it be with a member of the same or opposite sex.

Attend Christian events. This could be a concert, a church lunch, or anything at all that is designed to bring together people who profess faith in God. You will likely have fun, meet several new people and develop new interests.

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  • Remember, the right Christian man will love you for who you are. Although all these steps raise the likelihood of meeting a Christian man, in the end he should be pursuing you.


  • Do not let the search for the right guy become the focus of your life! While it is fun to keep your eyes open, developing who you are and staying true to your beliefs is infinitely more important than finding a mate---no matter how charming he is.

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