How to Meet Colombian Women

Take a trip to Colombia to meet Colombian women.Take a trip to Colombia to meet Colombian women.

Sofia Vergara, a Colombian actress who plays Gloria on the hit television show "Modern Family," is the quintessential Latina fantasy for many people. Colombian women are revered by many people as the most beautiful women in the world. Whether you want friendship or are looking to date, meeting women in your area who are from Colombia is not hard. If you can afford it and are adventurous, consider a trip to Colombia.

Ask friends if they know any Colombian women.

Ask friends, whether they are Colombian or not, if they know any Colombian women they could set you up on a date with. Your odds of having friends who know Colombian women will be best in a big city or a college town where there are a lot of exchange students.

Join Colombian dating Web sites.

Look on the Internet for a Colombian-specific dating Web site such as the one listed in the Reference section. Sometimes the best way to get to know someone is by being that person's pen pal.

Frequent clubs or restaurants known to have Colombian women.

Go to restaurants, bars or clubs that you know are either Colombian-owned or are known to be frequented by Colombian women. Again, your chances of finding such bars are best in a big city.

Fly to Colombia to meet women.

Consider taking a trip to Colombia with a Spanish speaking friend or by yourself. This is an expensive option, and knowing Spanish will be very helpful, so consider if this is the best option for meeting Colombian women.

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  • Learn a little Spanish to woo any Colombian woman you meet and are interested in. She might feel more comfortable with you if you make the effort to learn her language. If you already speak good Spanish, so much the better. If you have even a slender knowledge of Spanish bur can carry on a very basic conversation, use the Spanish.

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