How to Meet & Date Single Musicians

Date a musician only if you are interested in music.Date a musician only if you are interested in music.

Professional Musicians often have a major passion for their music and have a hard time relating to non-musicians on an intimate level because they do not share this passion for music. While some musicians are alright with dating non-musicians, they still want to date somebody who respects their music and finds it interesting to talk about. You can meet single musicians and possibly land a date with one if you keep some things in mind.

Step 1

Go to the places where musicians hang out. Musicians often meet up with other musicians or go out alone after shows to chat and hang out or do some writing. They do not usually go to clubs because they are too loud to think and write. But look into some of the quieter local hang outs and you are sure to find musicians. Smoke on 106th and Broadway is an example of a quiet place in New York City where jazz musicians go and hang out after shows. Ask a local musician where they hang out and then start spending time in these places.

Step 2

Talk about music. Talk about the different styles and the latest offerings in your favorite genres. This topic should be on your lips when talking to friends, co-workers, or anybody else. You should not look into dating a musician unless you are actually interested in music.

If you want to date a musician then you cannot be the type who gets jealous when your date is highly interested in a topic outside of you. Musicians like music and like to talk about their passion.

Step 3

Join a dating site that allows you to search for single musicians. There are actually several online dating sites that allow you to search for particular types of musicians if you want to get very specific. Try a site like or These online options are geared toward musicians who are looking to date fellow musicians, but you can join even if you are not a musician. Just be up-front about the fact that you do not play music but you are very interested in dating somebody who does.

Step 4

Participate in social-networking sites that cater to musicians., for example, is a place where you can advance your music skills, produce your music, and meet other people who are interested in the same kind of music. Look at your local meetups for musicians at and you may find a musician to date at the group meetups.

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