How to Meet Gay Men in Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix has one of the largest populations of gay men in the state of Arizona, but sometimes it's still difficult to meet other men. After a hard day of working, you might not want to sit at home and meet men online. You can meet other gay men in the city by taking part in activities you already enjoy.

Join a support group in Phoenix to help men coming to terms with their sexual identity. Options include Parents, and Family and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG), which has three separate organizations in Phoenix. These groups offer the chance to talk with other gay men with whom you might have a lot in common.

Visit the gay bars and clubs in the Phoenix area that cater to a mostly male clientele. Some active spots as of August 2009 include Charlie's, where you can listen to country music and try your hand at line dancing, and Dick's Cabaret, which offers a weekly male strip show. There's also Karamba with Latin music, Roscoe's on 7th, a gay sports bar, and Homme with a focus on independent and alternative music. The precise locations of these establishments are available online, along with other gay hot spots. (See Resources)

Explore your spiritual side by joining one of the local churches with a gay following. Phoenix has several churches that accept gays into their congregation and even a few churches that have a primarily gay base. These include Phoenix Light of the Lamb Christian Church, the Buddhist Group and All Saints Catholic Newman Center.

Join one of the Phoenix-area groups that offer sporting events for gay men. Nearly every type of sport is offered, from bowling to darts. You can try the Alternative Values Bowling League, Arizona Dust Devils Bike Club, Arizona Frontrunners, Desert Hearts Motorcycle Club or even Desert Valley Squares, which hosts square dances in the gay community.

Volunteer at one of the organizations doing work in the gay community. Phoenix has several of these organizations including Agape Network, which makes care packages and gift boxes for those with HIV or AIDS, and the Prescott Pride Center, which organizes various volunteer opportunities in the gay community.

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  • Don't be afraid to join in something you'd like to learn, but have no experience in doing. Even things such as euchre have gay groups in Phoenix and are a good place to meet new people and have fun at the same time.

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