How to Meet Girls in a New Town

While moving to a new place presents opportunities to meet new people and engage in local customs, it can be difficult to find places to meet girls in a new town. Fortunately, as long as you don't mind getting out to see what's around you, you just need to invest a little creativity and a bit of effort to meet prospective dates in the town you now call home.

Step 1

Pick up a guide. Local businesses often keep city guides, or you can look online for your specific town in most cases. These guides often provide a list of local restaurants, businesses, locations of public buildings and upcoming city festivals. This will help you become familiar with events and places in a new town that are popular.

Step 2

Shop for some chance encounters. Going to the mall in town will allow you an opportunity to see the town-dwellers in droves. In such a relaxed environment you can choose when to approach a potential date to introduce yourself, but you might have to fight for attention over the shoe sales. If the mall isn't your favorite venue to visit, you'll find girls all over town in grocery stores, outlet centers, convenience stores and even laundromats.

Step 3

Read a book. Going to a bookstore, library or local coffee shop in town will yield the perfect opportunity to meet and approach women. These places are generally quiet and don’t bring the added competition that bars and clubs do. Girls in these places won’t be swamped with men trying to hit on them every five minutes, which can put them in a bad mood. A good approach is to talk about the book the girl is reading as a way to begin a conversation. Use your judgment when approaching a woman if she is engrossed in what she is doing. Wait for a sign that she's taking a pause, such as looking up from her book.

Step 4

Find places related to your favorite hobbies. This can give you a chance to meet girls who have the same interests as you. You will also have the added bonus of being knowledgeable in that field when you run into them, giving you something to talk about. If you are a workout buff for instance, visit the local fitness store or pick up a membership to the gym. If you look forward to ice year round so you can go skating, look for a local arena that offers family skates and other public ice time.

Step 5

Look in the usual hot spots. Every guy knows that a bar or club scene can be a place to meet the opposite sex. There are also social websites online that allow you to search for women in the local area. These sites are gaining popularity and are fast becoming a staple for finding girls in general.

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  • Visiting local churches that have a time for fellowship before or after services may also yield a perfect place to find women of your faith.


  • Ensure that you do proper research before going to places with which you are unfamiliar. Avoid locations that are high in crime or make you uncomfortable.

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