How to Meet Great Outdoor Types of Men

Meet a man who will enjoy going on hikes with you.Meet a man who will enjoy going on hikes with you.

If your idea of a hot date involves going on a hike and you'd rather spend a romantic getaway in a tent than a four-star hotel, you naturally need to find a partner who's into the same things. Meeting men in general is hard enough, but when you have a very specific idea of the guy you want to meet, it becomes more challenging. Fortunately, if you make an effort, you can meet great outdoorsy men wherever you go.

Join a niche-related dating site. If you're looking for love, sign up with a website that focuses on those individuals who are interested in the outdoors, like or When you browse through the available guys, you'll know that they're all interested in being active. Additionally, regular dating websites often allow you to search by keyword.

Volunteer in the outdoors. Look for non-profits in your area that focus on the outdoors, such as a group that protects local wildlife or educates the public on the local fauna. You'll be able to meet men who have an interest in the outdoors and since they're volunteering their time, you can rest assured that they are kind.

Ask your friends for an introduction. Tell your friends that you are interested in an outdoorsy man and ask if they know anyone that might make a good match with you. The best part of an introduction from a friend is that your friend has already vetted the guy for you.

Move to where outdoorsy men live. If you live in a large metropolitan area like New York City, it can be more difficult to find men who are interested in nature. Consider moving not just to meet men, but to be closer to the outdoors for yourself. The Daily Beast recommends Denver as a hot city for outdoorsy men.

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  • Remember that you are looking for a guy who's interests match yours. A guy who likes to spend time outdoors fishing or hunting may not want to go on a hike with you.

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