How to Meet Men After a Divorce

Meeting the right men after a divorce can be a nerve-wracking proposition for many women. The dating scene is very different than it was the last time you were single, and now most people seem to meet on the internet, as opposed to the old-fashioned ways. By bolstering your confidence and carefully surveying the singles scene in the twenty-first century, you should have no problem in meeting a man after your divorce.

Increase the chances of meeting the right man after a divorce by expanding your present social circle. By becoming more involved with your church, your children's school or even your community, you will be able to forge new friendships, and maybe even meet someone who knows someone who would be "perfect" for you.

Find places to meet men that are free of the social pressures that may exist in places like bars and nightclubs. Public parks are an excellent place to meet men, especially if you are playing sports with your children or walking your dog. Enrolling your children in team sports, such as soccer and basketball, is a great way to meet other single parents who may share your interests.

Put the word out among your friends and family that you are once again single and ready to date. This may be a safe and effective way to meet men of substance, since your loved ones will screen out undesirable men and always act in your best interests.

Join a support group for divorced women or single parents in your community. You may also check with your church to see if it has a program geared toward linking people with similar circumstances to yours. If no such group exists in your community, find out about starting one yourself.

Use an online dating website, such as or eHarmony, to find available men close to where you live (see Resources below). Be honest about your marital status when you fill out your online profile, but refrain from spending too much time talking about the fact that you are divorced and new to the dating scene. Be enthusiastic, upbeat and generally optimistic.

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  • When meeting a man for the first time, pay attention to what he is saying, and ask plenty of follow-up questions. This will help you to avoid feeling self-conscious or nervous.

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