How to Meet Men in Boston

When we talk about meeting men, we don't mean just "meet" and we sure don't just mean plain "men." We mean, "Where can I meet a nice, single, guy who is my approximate age and who will not only take but actually use my phone number?" Add in the challenges of meeting people in a college oriented city like Boston, and you realize that you have to work a bit harder to not spend every weekend dateless. However, spending every weekend on boring dates may be even worse, so you have to be careful to meet men who share an interest

Go online. Try This dating site is locally based and relies on personal recommendations from real life friends. You can also do a geography based search on national sites like and You can also try

Become a sports fan. You will find lots of men at Red Sox games, for example. Thanks to Harvard, MIT, Boston College, Boston University and Northeastern, there are also football and hockey games going on during most of the year.

Go to a brewpub. Try the Cambridge Brewing Company in Kendall Square or Beerworks near Fenway Park.

Audition or volunteer for community theater. There are lots of theaters around Boston, and many of them are often looking for actors and/or helpers (see resources), which will allow you to get to know men over the length of a show.

Try new experiences. Join an activities club like FunFunFun, which has all kinds of events for singles - dances, book clubs, hikes, etc. Or join a group through, which has localized activities for just about every interest.

Put the word out. Even if you're new in town, you can still ask friends to help you meet men. Send an email asking friends or family to introduce you to people they know in Boston or ask your co-workers to help you out.

Become a volunteer. You can join Single Volunteers Boston, which has many different volunteer activities and is also geared for mingling singles. You can also volunteer at a charity directly, such as Habitat for Humanity, and hope to meet single men through your shared interest.

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  • Keep an open mind. Any place you go can be a place to meet men.


  • Make sure to be safe when meeting men and to keep your address private.

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