How to Meet Men at the Grocery Store

Meeting men in the grocery store isn't difficult. By meeting a man in the grocery store, you know he lives or works in your area. Everyone must shop for food and you can use the merchandise as a foil to start a conversation in several ways.

Find out if your grocery store has a singles shopping night. These special shopping events can feature sample stands as an opportunity to gather and socialize.

Ask for a man's assistance in reaching an item high on the shelf. After he retrieves the item, thank him and compliment him on his stature. "I figured you could reach that with your height. Did you play high school sports?"

Go shopping for your groceries late on a Friday or Saturday evening. At this time of day, you can find single men gathering party supplies for the weekend.

Comment on an item he has in his cart. If you see him picking a particular variety of apple, say, "You should try the golden variety; they have the best flavor." Offer helpful advice and see where the conversation leads.

Use open-ended questions to start a conversation. Yes or no questions cause the man to answer and move on. Instead of asking, "Is that a good brand of detergent?" you can ask, "Can you recommend a detergent that gets pet stains out of clothing?"

Look for men in the aisle that appeals to your character and values. If you care about the environment, you can approach men in the organic foods section. Look for sophisticated types in the imported cheese aisle.

Offer to purchase the beverage of the man in front of or behind you in line at the refreshment counter. Many grocery stores have soda fountains or cafes on site and you can make a new friend with this generous act of goodwill.

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