How to Meet Men Over the Age of 50

Men over 50 can be met on dating sites or through a friend.Men over 50 can be met on dating sites or through a friend.

Dating over 50 can be a challenge for many women. It can be difficult to meet an eligible man that is the same age or older, especially if you have been off the dating scene for some time and if you are nervous about finding someone that is compatible with your lifestyle and family. There are several ways that an older woman can meet a single man over 50 for friendship or to begin a new romance.

Step 1

Ask friends and family members if they know any eligible bachelors in this age group. These are the people that know your likes and dislikes and will be able to come up with men that will be the most compatible.

Step 2

Participate in a new activity. Choose from a multitude of options, from joining a new book club to taking a cooking class. Any community based organization, such as a charity group, is a potential way to meet responsible older men that also have a passion for helping others.

Step 3

Contact an old flame or boyfriend. This can be done through old classmates or social networking sites. These men may be unmarried and looking for an old love to connect with as well.

Step 4

Head back to the classroom. Many people over the age of 50 are heading back to college to seek a new career path or broaden their horizons. Chat up the older men in class and ask if they need any help with their homework or would like to share a cup of coffee.

Step 5

Sign up for an online dating site that has a large subscriber base of adults 50 years and older. There you will be asked several questions about your tastes and pursuits, fill out a profile and be matched up with eligible men in your area.

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