How to Meet a Single Woman

Spirituality classes are a new way to meet single women.Spirituality classes are a new way to meet single women.

In our modern and busy world, it appears that many individuals are disengaging from their communities, making the search for single women appear daunting at times. Fewer people are participating in local clubs or joining recreational sports teams. Remember, single women are everywhere and identifying a good point of contact is only half the battle. However, with a few simple tips, a little creativity, and a positive disposition, meeting Ms. Right is easier than it may seem.

Friends will put in a good word for you to their single ladies.

Step 1

Call on your friends and their extended social networks. The people you spend the most time with are typically individuals with whom you share common interests and values. Mutual friends can provide positive insights and comfortable introductions to single women. Next time you get that invitation to an afternoon barbecue, seize the opportunity.

Step 2

Attend a weekly religious service or a "singles" event at a local place of worship. The emergence of new-age spirituality classes and workshops that focus on meditation, mindfulness, or positive thinking provide an alternative location to meeting single women. These classes will also help to elevate your self awareness and sharpen your emotional intelligence -- qualities that many women find desirable. Ask a classmate to practice lessons from class.

Cooking classes provide opportunities for "extra-curriculars."

Step 3

Challenge yourself with a cooking or second-language class. If you workout, then you may have noticed that many women opt for group classes like yoga, Pilates or dance. Taking new classes is a way to show female classmates your humility, sense of humor and a willingness to try new things. Many classes provide an opportunity for group work; take this opportunity to organize "extra-curricular" activities.

Step 4

Visit online dating sites. For a membership fee, they will match singles based on a comprehensive list of various traits and qualities. If you're looking for an affordable alternative, try connecting with single women through online blogs and forums about topics that interest you or things you would like to learn more about -- whether it be gardening, current events or simply reviewing a new book or film.

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  • Don't fear rejection. Most women are flattered when approached in a polite manner.
  • Ask for a business card instead of a phone number, and don't hesitate to make the first call or e-mail.
  • Be your "normal" self. Smooth lines and a stand-up routine are unnecessary. Listening attentively, being respectful and showing a willingness to share yourself will go a long way.

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