How to Meet Women in Bars

There are right and wrong ways to meet women in bars.There are right and wrong ways to meet women in bars.

In the world of dating, bars continue to be mainstays that present nearly endless possibilities for meeting the opposite sex. Meeting women in a bar can be a fun way to spend an evening if you are flying solo, but it’s a risky business if you aren’t prepped with the right skills. Sharpening your game can help make a visit to a local bar or club to meet women a successful one.

Step 1

Come with some well-selected friends. Bringing women to a bar with you can be beneficial in several ways. It will signal to other women there that you are desirable. Bringing a few male buddies with you will give you backup when approaching other women. Good wing-men can help with conversation and make you look good. They will also run interference with other guys and women who may be a distraction to you and the women you are speaking with.

Step 2

Calm your nerves before you enter the bar. Most of what determines your success with meeting women in a bar has to do with what you do before you get there. It is important that you relax in a bar setting. Taking the bar scene and the situations there too seriously will be a red flag to any woman you approach. If you can’t seem to calm down, a drink may help, but don't overdo it.

Step 3

Prepare yourself for competition. Bars are usually packed with women looking for attention and receiving it from multitudes of men. Tip the scales in your favor by paying attention to every detail of your appearance and hygiene. Carry some gum or breath mints with you, and use them before talking to women. And don’t let the fact that other men may have talked to a lady you have your eye on get you down.

Step 4

Pay attention to guys who strike out. Learn from the failures of other men in the bar if you witness them. Don’t follow in their footsteps by using the same tired lines to the same uninterested ladies. Asking a woman if she is there with someone, for instance, is a good way to get your foot in the door and find out some useful information.

Step 5

Approach women with confidence while avoiding cockiness. Straddling the fine line between confidence and cockiness is important in getting women to pay attention to you and accept your approach. Shoot a direct glance at a woman before approaching her. This will show you are confident. Read her body language to see if she wants to be approached. Signals such as checking makeup, fixing hair or straightening clothes are all green lights that say you should talk to her. Project just enough confidence when talking and interacting with her to better your chances of making a good impression.

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  • Instead of the typical approach of asking a woman if she wants a drink, try something new, like asking her if she wants to hear a specific song on the jukebox.

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