How to Meet Women at the Grocery Store

Make a love connection in the produce aisle.Make a love connection in the produce aisle.

Dating in today's world has become technologically advanced. But one of the best ways to meet someone may still be the old-fashioned way -- face to face during a routine part of your day. Grocery stores can be a great environment to meet a wide variety of women. You have to buy groceries anyway, so you may as well turn this chore into a chance to meet a potential date.

Step 1

Time your shopping trip to the grocery store in a way that maximizes your chances of seeing women you may be interested in. Weekends and the early evening hours are generally the most crowded and thus the best environment to increase your chances.

Step 2

Go to a section and look at the items near a woman you want to talk to. Use that environment to pick an interesting product off the shelf and ask her if she has tried it. If she responds no, suggest a creative way to use it; if she says yes, ask her how she suggests you prepare and eat it.

Step 3

Position yourself in the produce section near some potentially interesting women. Make the woman an expert by asking her how to choose the best fruit or vegetable and ask whether she has any tips on preparation.

Step 4

Pick up some meat packages and look at them carefully, including reading the label. Ask one of the women near you if she can help you pick a lean cut and how you know which ones are freshest. Offer to take her to coffee because she potentially helped you find the best meal you have had in awhile.

Step 5

Use the environment and the way most people do their shopping by following the aisle pattern of the woman you're interested in. In the first aisle don't say anything to her; in the next aisle make eye contact and smile. By the third aisle you can make a joke by asking her if she's just going to follow you around all day or if she was planning on introducing herself. Be sure to laugh so she knows you're kidding.

Step 6

Get into a checkout line that has a woman you want to meet at the end of it. Pick up a magazine and start a conversation with her about what's on the cover.

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  • These are all conversation starters. It's up to you to continue the conversation from there, so be prepared.


  • Don't stalk the woman you're interested in by being pushy, following her to her car or doing anything generally creepy. This could land you a visit by store security or the police.
  • Make sure if you strike out with one woman that the next one you try didn't see or hear you talking to the first woman. This will most likely kill any potential chance you had with her if she thinks she's the runner-up.

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