How to Meet Women at a Library

Meet intellectual women at the library and join a reading group for a regular date.Meet intellectual women at the library and join a reading group for a regular date.

Intellect is an attractive feature in a woman, and what better place than the library to find someone intellectual? Men find that women usually outnumber them in a library, which makes it an interesting place to find a date. Since this is not a popular pick-up place, be subtle when trying to meet women at a library. However, since the library is popular for homework, research or finding new books, women may welcome the distraction.

Step 1

Frequent the library throughout the week to find out what type of women visit during specific days and times. Once you have found a selection of women you are interested in meeting, visit on days you think they will be there. Pay close attention to the types of books each woman is reading and where she goes to read her books. This will help you to find a woman who shares your same interests.

Step 2

Stand next to the woman you would like to get to know in an aisle. Attempt to pick up the same book she is. This will initiate a conversation between the two of you. Strike up a conversation about the book and get her opinion of it. Ask her to suggest similar authors or topics. Gage her interests and passion for the topic.

Step 3

Grab a similar book and sit down at the woman's table. Ask about the book she is reading. Ask similar questions as if you were in the aisle with her concerning her knowledge on the topic, similar authors and recommended books. Allow her to do most of the talking at first so that she becomes comfortable speaking to you.

Step 4

Continue the conversation by asking about her other interests and stop on a topic that you enjoy. Share information on that particular subject while listening to what she has to say about it. Learn her interests and passions to get to know her better. These moments also allow her to speak freely about topics she knows about, making her more comfortable with the sudden conversation.

Step 5

Invite her to go out on a date in a similar setting. Ask her if she would like to see a poetry reading or get coffee with you at a local coffee shop. Take her to a book signing if one of her favorite authors is in town. Grab a cookbook and ask her favorite recipes if you want to have dinner with her. Cook a meal together and enjoy getting to know one another.

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