How to Get Men to Chase You

Let the man be a hunter.Let the man be a hunter.

You've probably seen those women who seem to grab men's attention no matter what they look like -- even if they have no makeup, unstyled hair or plain clothes. Those women have something that you can learn -- an understanding of how men operate, and a strong sense of self and purpose. By nature, men like to play the "hunter" role in the dating game, but you have to do your part to encourage it.

Step 1

Have a purpose to your life, such as volunteering or an engaging career or hobby. Your life cannot just be about men. This lets guys know that you are not targeting them and if they want you, they are going to have to do something about it.

Step 2

Find out what really matters to you and know your own opinions on controversial topics. This enables you to engage in intelligent conversations, once the guy finally decides to approach you.

Step 3

Develop self-confidence so that no matter what he says, you can hold your own and defend your points of view. You become more of a challenge and will likely spark his competitive side. He will have to grow and improve his knowledge to hold his own against you.

Step 4

Always have a life or appear to have one. If he calls you for a date at the last minute, make sure that you are busy. Not snapping up his last-minute date ensures that he calls earlier and plans ahead. He decides that you are not at home alone waiting for the phone to ring. If he thinks you are going out, he will likely fight harder to keep your attention and will want you more because he has competition.

Step 5

Avoid appearing desperate at all costs. This means no midnight booty calls, no texting right after a date, and no calling him 20 times a day. Play it cool so he feels that he is fighting for and winning you instead of you just giving yourself to him.

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  • If you get so emotional that you feel like crying, hold back and save it for your mom or girlfriends.
  • Act like the woman he can't have so that he will want you more.


  • All men are different, so take their unique character traits into consideration.
  • Don't be arrogant or rude while men chase you. Be a nice person.

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