Men's Rules for Dating

When setting up dating rules, do a personal evaluation of your wants and needs.When setting up dating rules, do a personal evaluation of your wants and needs.

After a man has been dating for a while, it is time to establish some dating rules to weed out the wrong people and attract the right mate. Life is too short to date people who are not compatible with what you want, and the more dating boundaries you have for yourself, the better chance you have at finding lasting love. While there are many specific and unique rules for each man, all men, generally speaking, desire the same thing: a loving, supportive mate in a lasting relationship.

Stay Away from Drama

Another person's problems take a toll.

Drama turns most men off. Men are straightforward and typically say exactly what they mean to avoid chaos. A man who senses his date's desire for drama in her life needs to back away quickly. Keeping up with a person's drama can be draining and rarely can those kinds of people be satisfied. Misunderstandings, insecure feelings and overheated arguments go hand-in-hand with a person who enjoys a drama-filled relationship.

Wait to Meet Friends and Family

Find the right time to introduce your date to family and friends.

After only a handful of dates, do not rush to meet the other person's family and friends. Establish the relationship before allowing other people to weigh in and give opinions. If not, you could find yourself losing dates with someone you really like. Perhaps your date's family points out to her that, in their opinion, you really should own a home by now. While this may never have entered your date's mind, all of a sudden she is second-guessing your chemistry. Comments like these hurt your chances for another date, so it is best to keep others at bay until the two of you are secure in your dating.

Ditch Obsessive Behavior

Constant checking up on someone is not good.

Sometimes men overlook telltale warning signs on the first date because of a woman's attractive looks. As soon as obsessive, jealous behavior surfaces, the dating needs to stop. This kind of behavior only leads to uncomfortable situations, lying and safety issues. If a woman talks nonstop about marriage within the first few dates, is too interested in your past relationships or acts like she needs to know everything about you, the relationship is not worth pursuing.

Too Much Baggage

Some things should be kept private.

When a date reveals money problems, an argument with her landlord, a layoff, her dog dying and someone stealing her wallet -- all of which happened last week -- a red flag should immediately go up. While bad situations and unfortunate luck creeps into everyone's life at some point, letting it all hang out on the first date is not acceptable. Some men may want to "rescue" the person from her problems, which rarely works and is never a good idea.

Act Interested

Make the date feel special.

Men have to actively show interest in a date if they want to see the person again. Paying compliments, picking up the bill, showing manners and being on time are important. If a woman walks away from a date not knowing where she stands, the man has not done a good job of conveying his feelings. Clear, specific actions should be taken to show the person you are interested, such as asking relevant questions and listening attentively.

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