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In the age of the Internet and wireless connections, electronic communication in relationships is a growing medium. Nowadays, some people are more comfortable communicating through email, instant messaging and text than they are in person, and online dating sites have capitalized on this new dating ritual. Gone are the days of long courtships and casual dating; people are skipping straight to the point and hiring professional matchmakers and relationship psychologists to match them according to detailed profiles. Military online dating is a preference-specific form of the online dating format that seeks to match military professionals with people who understand the commitment and courage it takes to date a member of the armed forces.


Online dating has been around as long as the Internet, with the first chat rooms catering to individuals seeking to find love. Preference-specific online dating, like online dating for military personnel, become popular more recently. The first military-focused dating site launched in 2000 and Match.com, having been the leader in online dating for half a decade, quickly answered with an exclusive military dating feature for its members. Since then, online dating companies that cater to military personnel have sprung up all over the world wide web. In 2001, militarysoulmate.com launched to wide appeal. It is now the most recognized site in the military online dating world, boasting 15,000 new members a day.


The benefits to military online dating are considerable. Each month, 20 million people visit online dating sites, and with military online dating taking up a considerable online majority, military singles far outnumber the rest of the singles crowd. Military online dating offers a convenient and streamlined process for finding the soldier of your dreams. Military online dating is cheaper than traditional dating. Even though you have to pay to be a member of the sites, the fees will be significantly lower than the cost of dinner and a movie. Online dating saves you the frustration and humiliation of meeting people at bars and clubs, because you do it in the comfort of your own home. Pre-match profiling narrows down the competition and provides you with only the matches that you are compatible with.


Military online dating controls a large majority of Internet dating sites, and most of the general matchmaking services that are not profession-specific still have features and special pages devoted to these preferences. Military dating sites can be identified by the professional profiles of their members, which include either members of the military or people seeking to date members of the military. Military dating sites serve to find individuals who understand or are willing to understand the rare commitment involved in dating a member of the armed services. While being a member of the military is not a requirement for being a part of a military online dating network, it is understood that the individuals that join these types of services understand the patience and dedication it takes to be a member of this world.


Military online dating allows military professionals to seek love and friendship matches in a distinct community. The preference-specific sites have already narrowed down to a much smaller pool of individuals than would be found on a traditional online dating forum. Military online dating allows members of the military and those interested in dating military singles to create profiles, send emails and instant messages, browse profiles and photos of the other members and visit chat rooms. Many military online dating services also provide a free matchmaking service and a monthly newsletter that profiles singles mixers and other functions for the singles scene in your area. While many of the military online dating services are free, others require a nominal or annual fee. For those sites asking for membership fees, you can create a free profile and browse for a limited free trial period before deciding to purchase your membership.


While many of the military online dating sites available on the Internet are free for use, it may be wise to consider finding a site that does charge its members a nominal fee. Free dating sites aren't nearly as safe as those for which you must pay to become a member. Beware of scam artists running fraudulent money laundering activities, especially from members who are living overseas. Recent information has emerged on the extensive percentage of married men and women who are posing as singles, so be wary and trust your gut. Never give your personal information out to anyone, including your personal email address.

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