How to Move On After a Breakup

Be patient with yourself after a breakup--healing takes time.Be patient with yourself after a breakup--healing takes time.

Breakups can be abrupt and drastic changes in someone's life. The feelings can be the same as if you had experienced a death of someone close--and they can take just as much time to get over. A few tips can help make the transition easier.

Allow yourself to accept that the relationship is over. At times, people can be in denial and avoid facing this fact.

Stop punishing yourself for what happened, and let go of all of your negative feelings. Write a letter detailing your negative feelings and burn it afterward. Allow yourself to grieve the relationship you lost.

Realize you cannot control such factors in your life, then do some introspective soul-searching to figure out what you have learned through the process of the breakup. Make a list of all the lessons you have learned and find ways to apply them to a new life.

Let go of regrets and heartbreak and anything that wears you down. Get rid of all the negative influences in your old life and start fresh.

Learn to smile, and find new ways to occupy your time. Develop new habits to replace the time you spent grieving over this past relationship.

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Things You Will Need

  • Journal


  • Keep a journal and list in it happy moments with the person you loved--in time, the separation will become less painful.
  • Be patient with the process, as it takes time to heal a broken heart. Do not expect quick and easy solutions.
  • Try to keep a distance between you and the person you love by avoiding contact and phone calls.


  • Do not wallow in the breakup. This could prolong the time it takes to get over your ex.

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