How to Move on When There Is a Lack of Respect

Your partner's lack of respect may be tearing you down.Your partner's lack of respect may be tearing you down.

Ending a relationship is never easy or enjoyable. It can be a courageous step that a person takes when he is in a situation that offers no positive alternatives. If you are in a relationship with unsolvable conflicts, you may feel trapped or uncomfortable. However, it is important to be able to move on if necessary. Moving on when there is a lack of respect in your relationship will bring you peace, freedom and, eventually, a much healthier relationship.

Step 1

Consider what has happened. This is an important step when you are trying to move on from a relationship in which there is a lack of respect. There is a reason you have gotten to this point of desperation. Write a list of every behavior where a lack of respect is apparent, such as physical or verbal abuse, infidelity or unavailability.

Step 2

Approach your significant other in person. Do so in a private place where there will be no interruptions. Once you are ready to talk, lay out the relationship problems you are currently experiencing. Explain that you have tried to talk about these things and have asked for a change, but nothing has happened. Be clear about your dissatisfaction, hurt and confusion.

Step 3

Offer to seek professional counseling. If you are tired of dealing with a lack of respect in your relationship, suggest seeking professional counseling to your significant other. While there may have been several obstacles over the course of your relationship or you are tempted just to give up, it can be worthwhile to get help from a professional before completely abandoning the relationship.

Step 4

End the relationship if your partner's behavior doesn't change. This is vital because if there truly is lack of respect in your relationship, your significant other may try to talk you out of your decision or manipulate you with feelings of guilt. To avoid this, express your next step and do not continue in the relationship if your partner attempts to manipulate you.

Step 5

Move on with your own life. Make as little contact as possible with your partner. This will not be possible if you have children with your ex -- in this case, you clearly cannot move on completely from his life. It is a good idea to be around your children as much as possible and continue to support them; however, if your ex tries to make you feel guilty or consistently manipulates you, it is best to keep the contact with him to a minimum. You may arrange to see the children without him around, or offer to take them with you for a while.

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