Movie Flirting Tips

At first glance, the movies don't make an ideal spot for flirting. You can't talk, you're distracted by what's happening onscreen, and you're not even looking at each other. However, movies also afford a strange sort of privacy, since no one's looking at you and sitting in the dark gives you the opportunity to play a number of flirtatious games with your would-be paramour. It takes a combination of boldness and respect to flirt correctly at the movies, but if you get the hang of it, it works surprisingly well.

Sharing Snacks

Sharing a common snack is one of the best ways to facilitate flirtation at the movies . Modern theater seat are wide enough to prop up a box of candy or tub of popcorn between you, and you can even share a cup of soda simply by adding a second straw. Time your dips to coincide with the other person's, letting your fingers brush together or dueling playfully over the orphans at the bottom of the box. In order for this to work, select a snack that you know the other person likes, and make sure there's enough to sustain you through the movie . Luckily, most theaters offer enormous portions, so you shouldn't have any problems.

Respond Physically

There's a reason people take dates to horror movies. A sudden shock or fright gives you an excellent excuse to grab the other person and hold him a little closer. The tactic also works well with sentimental movies and romances, since you can lean against the other person and even rest your head on his shoulder if it's warranted. (Holocaust dramas and period pieces involving actors in stuffy clothes are not recommended for flirting purposes.) Start slowly and pay attention to the other person's signals. If she is comfortable with a little incidental contact, try something bolder, gradually moving toward deliberate and intimate touching.


Rudeness at movie theaters is at an all-time high, with people yakking on cell phones and bringing crying children with them seemingly at every screening--but if you're one of those people who still believes in staying quiet at the movies, you can turn the opportunity into a great chance to flirt. Periodically whisper things about the film into the other person's ear: Make a private joke, comment one the scene or just ask a question. Not only does it establish a quietly intimate bond between the two of you, but it allows you to engage in brief physical contact as well.

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