Multiplayer Dating Games

Several multiplayer games are specifically aimed at creating companionship for users. The games are designed for a variety of age groups and are age-appropriate. Most games are played by creating an avatar and joining an online community within the game. Communication is through chat rooms, IMs, and even voice chat; also, many online dating games have private chat rooms for more committed couples.


Luna is a multiplayer dating game which is set up for you to look for other players (singles). It has a lot of activities and games for players, so it is not strictly a dating game; however, it does allow players to submit personal ads. In the dating part of the game, players submit personal bios and a list of likes and dislikes. Players have an inbox so they can receive messages from interested players. Luna offers private "dating dungeons" for more serious and flirtatious chats.


AWOL Now is a dating/chatting game as well as a fashion game of sorts. Players can create outfits for their "awol doll," and even give their characters extreme makeovers. The virtual world is specifically designed for you to interact with other people in social settings. The settings include restaurants, dance clubs, shopping malls and scenic locations. The three levels of play are visitor, which is free, citizen, which has a membership fee, and noble, which has a membership fee and a housing fee.

The Oz World

The Oz World multiplayer dating game is one of the more advanced dating games out there. It is designed specifically for you to meet people and pursue relationships online and offline. Users create profiles that allow other users to seek them out. Couples can become virtual lovers in this game and even get married. Oz World has a lot of romantic settings in a wide array of time periods and locations. Couples can explore Venice, Italy or 19th-century England.

Second Life

Second Life is a virtual dating game in which the player's primary goal is to meet people. The game has several mini-games that players can play alone or with a partner or a group of people. Some games include ghost hunting, rabbit hunting, dancing competitions and role play. Characters can travel to exotic realms and different time periods. The game offers a free avatar which is created based on a real picture of the player. The dating feature can be explored in chat rooms and through email, although it is not as prominent as in other dating games.

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