Mystery Dating Tips

Mystery makes a person want to know more.Mystery makes a person want to know more.

Finding the right mate depends first on the initial attraction. A central component to attraction is the characteristic of mystery. The fullness of who a mysterious man or woman is as an individual is not always on display -- thus provoking interest and attraction. Follow the mystery dating tips listed below to demonstrate your enigmatic charm.

Stay Busy

A person with a busy schedule attracts attention. A man or woman who is busy is indicative of a person with a full and vibrant life. Dating someone who has a lot going on probes you to want to learn more about the mystery person's occupation and interests. The opportunity to discover where your mystery date puts his attention on a daily basis promises stimulating discussion. Alternatively, someone with no personal interests or desires projects stale, lackluster and boring sensibility.

Choose Humility

Humility requires inner strength, peace of mind and confidence. Choosing words and thoughts carefully to express a point of view in an insightful way -- or sometimes choosing to say nothing at all -- communicates an inquisitive mind, an enigmatic personality and a sensitive soul. Humility is polite and offers a quiet gentleness. Projecting arrogance, on the other hand, may come across as demeaning or defensive and can backfire on your desire to get close to your date.

Show Sensitivity

Resist the temptation to say too much about yourself too fast. Ask specific questions about your date to display your sensitivity. For example, comment on things you may have heard about them through a mutual friend or mention things the person has brought up in the past, such as occupation, family and hobbies. Showing a real interest in the person lets your date know you are listening and perceptive. This usually generates reciprocated and specific interest in you.

Demonstrate Variety

Keep your date entertained and engaged by demonstrating a variety of interests and intelligence. Devoting equal amounts of attention to current affairs or types of art, for example, communicates a stimulating and attractive personality. Mention an uncommon aptitude you may possess by contextualizing it in a story, such as playing drums at a band competition or solving a Rubik's cube in a school talent show. Offering interesting tidbits of information about your own gifts and dialoguing about a wide range of topics elevates the mysteriousness to a level of fascination.

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