Night Activities for Couples

Nighttime is the right time for romance.Nighttime is the right time for romance.

Night can be a romantic time for couples. The stars are out, candles can glow and love can bloom. From exploring the excitement of cities to relaxing in the quiet peace of nature, there are many places to enjoy each other’s company at night. Take advantage of this time of day to enhance the romance and have a good time.

The Natural Canopy

Enjoy the light show above.

Many observatories, like the University of California Observatory at UC Santa Cruz, have night events where you can look at the stars. Go to one of their concerts and listen to Jazz, Celtic or Peruvian music. Websites like can help you find an observatory in your area.

Stargaze without the equipment by having a picnic in a park or your backyard. Bring drinks, sandwiches and your favorite snacks to lay out on a blanket. Pump up the romance by placing a few votive candles on small plates nearby. Votives have flat, wide bottoms, and so they can stand on their own and are less likely to be disrupted by a breeze. If you have an MP3 player, create ambiance by bringing some speakers. You can get some for under $20. Turn the grass into your own personal dance floor. If you live in a coastal city, bring your dinner on a blanket to the beach.

The Nice Ice

Do something active on your date night.

Go for a nighttime skate at an ice rink. This is a good opportunity to hold hands for support while you either show your willingness to try new things or show off your skills. Warm up afterward with some hot chocolate. Bring cinnamon sticks to stir with, and spice up your drinks.

Mini-Sports and Games

Playing games facilitates fun.

Go play miniature golf. Many courses are well lit for playing at night. It’s entertaining, not too expensive and doesn’t require professional skills. You can talk while indulging in concession stand treats and trying to pull off a perfect shot. Alternatively, take your partner to a bowling alley and see who can get more strikes. Rack up a few balls at a pool hall. You don’t have to be a good shot; you only have to have fun. Bring a few quarters, because some pool halls still have jukeboxes; you can create your own personal playlist.

Flashback Date

Share a speaker with your loved one.

Watch a movie at a drive-in theater. These charming retro locations are alive and well, and you can use websites like to find one in your state. Snuggle up over popcorn and go on a '50s- and '60s-style date.

Dinner and Dancing

Sweep your partner off of her feet by going somewhere new.

Try a restaurant you’ve never been to before. You may discover a new treasure. Or, go dancing at a club that gives lessons before the night begins. You'll often find free lessons at Latin, country and swing dancing clubs. Even if you have two left feet, you can enjoy yourselves by making it a night of new experiences and listening to music. Use the free paper of the nearest big city to find new places to go in your area.

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