Nonverbal Dating Behaviors

As daters become comfortable with each other, nonverbal contact increases.As daters become comfortable with each other, nonverbal contact increases.

Dating -- when two people engage in a series of social activities to see if they are romantically compatible -- contains many nonverbal behaviors that may demonstrate interest and attraction. As in most social interactions, when people people become more comfortable with each other, nonverbal behaviors become more intense.

Eye Contact

Maintaining eye contact with a date is a good way to show interest and attraction. When a person is feeling a romantic or sexual attraction to someone, her pupils will enlarge, or dilate, when she is looking at her date, according to Cheshire Therapy. Pupils dilate any time we see something we like or want. As the date goes on -- assuming the attraction and interest are intact -- the time the daters maintain eye contact will lengthen and may transform into flirtation.


People smile for a variety of reasons, including happiness, amusement and attraction. A smile is a social cue that people display when they want to project an engaging or friendly demeanor. When dating, a smile is one nonverbal behavior that plays a key role in developing a romantic relationship, and increases a person's attractiveness, notes The Independent.

Personal Space

Personal space is the distance a person keeps between himself and someone else to maintain a sense of comfort. The less space there is between two people, the more comfortable they are with each other, based on information from Cheshire Therapy. As a date progresses, personal space narrows, and the two daters may indicate their growing attraction and comfort by behaviors such as leaning toward each other when speaking, moving their seats closer together or dancing very near to each other.

Physical Contact

People use body language 50 percent of the time when they want to communicate; and physical contact during a date -- though normally casual and brief at first -- is a strong indication of attraction and a person's desire to increase an emotional and physical closeness, indicates Romance Stuck. If a casual touch is reciprocated, it's a sign that both daters are happy with the date. When a person shies away from physical contact, he is either uninterested in pursuing a romantic connection, unsure of his physical attraction to his date or is not yet comfortable enough for casual touching.

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