Nonverbal Signs of Romantic Attraction

If she constantly smiles at you and faces you with her body, she is likely attracted to you.If she constantly smiles at you and faces you with her body, she is likely attracted to you.

It may seem difficult to figure out if someone is romantically attracted to you, but there are always some nonverbal cues that will give away anyone's feelings for you. Some signs may be obvious, such as if he is always smiling around you or showing up where you are, but some may be more discreet. Learning the discreet signals of romantic attraction can help you figure out who has feelings for you and who does not.

His Pupils are Dilated

If a man is attracted to you, his pupils will dilate when he sees you. This is because the pupils expand when they see something they like. The reason for this is unknown, but it is an involuntary response that all humans display. The next time you are around the man you like, check out his pupils to see if they expand when he catches your gaze.

Her Feet are Facing You

If a woman is attracted to you, she naturally turns her feet in your direction when she is hanging out with you. This is because her body language is lining up to where her thoughts are, and that is you. If you are with a woman you like and you want to determine if she likes you as well, check out her feet to see if they are constantly facing your direction; she may be giving away her feelings involuntarily.

His Shoulders are Thrust Back

If a man has feelings for you, he thrusts his shoulders back and puffs up his chest. This is because he wants to appear manly and strong to you. If a man you want to be in a relationship with is constantly sticking out his torso when he is with you, he may subconsciously be trying to show off.

She Plays With Her Hair

A woman who plays with her hair is flirting and demonstrating her interest. If she cannot stop touching her hair when she is around you, whether she is twirling it, tugging it or just always holding onto it, she may be attracted to you. It is even more telling if she is smiling at you and looking you in the eye while she does it.

He Holds Your Gaze for a Long Time

A man who deliberately holds your gaze is very likely physically attracted to you. He does this because he wants to look at you for as long as possible and wants you to respond with similar admiration. The next time you are with a man you like, check to see if he is constantly looking you in the eyes when he talks to you.

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