How to Know He Is Not The One

Many people say they just knew he was 'the one' the moment they met him. So why do some girls not know he is not the one, even after dating for awhile? Perhaps they are intentionally denying the signs he's not the one. You should take a closer look at him and stop wasting your time if you have doubts.When it's right, you just know. Here are some signs he is not your Mr. Right.

No Trust -

If you can not trust him, then chances are he is not the one for you. If he constantly gives you reasons to not trust him then that is a huge red flag. If it is just you feeling insecure, then you need to work on that so you o not lose the right guy when he comes along.

You Can't Lean On Him -

You should feel secure enough with your man to lean on him for support when needed. Mr. Right should be able to support you in your time of need, and you should be willing to let him.

You Have A Gut Feeling -

Listen to your intuition! If something is telling you that he is not right for you, stop wasting your time with him. You should move on so you do not miss Mr. Right when he comes along.

There's No Attraction -

No matter how shallow this is, if you are not physically attracted to him, then he is most likely not the one for you. Physical attraction is important in a physical relationship.

No Respect -

You have to respect the person you are with, and they have to respect you back. If he puts you down in front of family or friends or you do it to him, then there is no respect. Without respecting each other it is impossible to have a healthy relationship.

You Can't Picture Having A Family With Him -

If you just can not see him as your future spouse or the father of your children, ask yourself why? Look at the reasons and see if you can work with those issues. If your doubt him, then he is probably not right for you.

He Has An Addiction -

If he is struggling with an addiction, then he needs to work through that before he can truly commit to you. When someone is under the influence, they are not totally themselves.

The Two Of You Have Different Goals -

The superficial differences the two of you have can be overcome, but differences in basic values can be much harder to handle. Take a look at what the two of you want, like children, where you will live, religion, etc. If you are to different then the relationship may not be a good one for either of you.

You Fear Him -

If for any reason you fear him, then you should get out of the relationship right away. You should never be afraid of your partner.

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