NYC Romantic Ideas

New York City, the "city that never sleeps," offers a plethora of romantic activities for couples. Take into account your tastes and interests as you plan a trip, so that you can book romantic dinners and dates in advance. From picnics in Central Park to Broadway shows to world-class restaurants, NYC has it all.

Central Park

Take your loved one on a carriage ride through Central Park. While on the ride, you can enjoy the park's beautiful trees and vast array of foliage. You can even stop to ride the carousel or stroll through the Central Park Zoo holding hands with your loved one. Pack a picnic basket and enjoy a romantic lunch or dinner filled with your date's favorite treats.

Empire State Building Tour

Tour the Empire State Building with your loved one. The most romantic times to take a tour are in the evening, when you can view the sunset, or at night, when you can gaze at the stars over the Manhattan skyline. If you get hungry during your tour, visit one of the building's snack bars to grab a quick bite.

Couples Massage

Take your sweetie to have a couples massage. NYC has countless massage establishments to choose from that will fit a range of budgets. At many of these establishments, you can opt to have cheese and crackers, chocolate-dipped strawberries or wine with your massage. You can even partake in a mud bath or steam room. The key to this romantic date is relaxation.

Staten Island Ferry

Take a free ferry boat ride from Staten Island with your loved one. While looking at the scenery of NYC from the boat, you two can snuggle up on a bench to keep warm from the wind. Don't forget to check out sights like Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty from the boat.

Romantic Restaurant

Take your date to a romantic restaurant. NYC has a vast array of restaurants to choose from that offer candlelight dinners and an array of wine selections. Dine in style at a classic old New York steakhouse or find an intimate neighborhood Italian restaurant. Don't forget to share dessert!

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