How to Get an Older Man to Notice Me

If the men your age aren't mature enough for you, dating older men may provide you with more satisfying experiences. Getting an older man to notice you involves baiting him with your lively personality while matching his intellect. Mix vulnerability with confidence to secure the attention of the older man you desire.

Engage him with lively conversation. Show that you're more than just a young pretty face by discussing timely subjects. For example, asking for his opinions about national events can show that you're in tune with the world around you. Bring up his hobbies to demonstrate that his likes matter to you.

Show your youthfulness without going overboard. Appeal to his sense of fun, as many older men want to maintain a youthful social life. Display your adventurous nature with eye-catching clothing. Find ways to tell him about your active lifestyle to pique his curiosity.

Flirt with older men to show your interest. Realize that older men often enjoy receiving attention from younger women. This helps them maintain their self-confidence and can even make them feel more alive. Use your age as an asset: while older women may have more life experience, you possess the power to make older men feel young again.

Separate yourself from immature peers. This may even involve placing physical distance between you and some of your friends. While attracting attention because of wild or juvenile behavior may provide short-term benefits, it could hurt your chances of developing a relationship with an older man. Avoid being seen as an unruly child that needs parental correction.

Show your vulnerability. Appealing to an older man's protective nature can make him take interest in you. While you don't want to play the role of a helpless victim, you do want to inspire him to care about your well-being. Ignite his passion to be a brave provider by seeking his counsel about decisions. Asking for personal favors can also make him feel needed and useful.

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  • Let older men know how much you appreciate their help. Express your wish that men your age would follow their examples. This strokes their egos and makes them want to prove their superiority to younger men.

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