Online Dating Profile Tips

Online dating can open the doors to a large pool of potential mates, but success depends largely on the profile you display online. A well-crafted profile will create interest and attract potential dates.

Be Honest

Honesty is of paramount importance for creating an online dating profile that will lead to a lasting relationship. Writing misleading information or embellishing about your accomplishments might seem like a good way to attract dates, but as soon as a date learns about white lies it will likely put up red flags that you are not trustworthy. The biggest downfall of online dating is that people can easily mislead, but by maintaining honesty you avoid situations where you are called on to account for discrepancies in your profile.


The personal photo is an important part of your online dating profile as it is the first thing most of your potential dates will see. Every online dating profile should have a recent photograph of yourself, with good lighting and preferably showing some of your figure. Looks aren't everything, but physical attraction is an important part of a relationship. Photos where your face is covered or you can't see your body are not recommended as potential dates may think you are hiding something. Avoid posting unflattering photos, such as party photos or shots where you are with another guy or girl. Likewise, don't post photos where you are shirtless if you are a guy, or photos showing excessive cleavage or skin if you are a girl.

Exude Care and Passion

It may be possible to sign up for an online dating site and post a picture in a few minutes, but you aren't likely to attract many dates that way. Your profile is your first impression, so you want it to reflect as favorably on you as possible. Take care to craft your profile and write about yourself and your interests using interesting prose. Check your grammar and spelling in a word processor--there's nothing that can derail a good profile quite like a few careless spelling or grammar mistakes. Take the time to write about your passions and hobbies: if you love movies, let your potential dates know it. This will help you attract people who have similar interests. If your dating site has the option to answer identifying questions about yourself, answer as many as you can as thoughtfully as possible. This will help the dating site match you to people with similar views. Do not display negativity on your profile; not everyone has a bubbly, optimistic personality, but maintaining positivity will attract others.

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