Online Dating Profile Tips for Men

Jump-start your online dating life with a great profile.Jump-start your online dating life with a great profile.

Creating an online dating profile can be intimidating. Choosing the best pictures and finding the right words can be scary, especially for men. Whether you are looking for love or just a casual relationship, you should carefully create your profile to maximize your chances of finding what you want.

Write a Killer Opening

Open your profile with something provocative or intriguing. You want to grab the reader's attention and give them a reason to continue reading your profile. Talk about an interesting hobby or a sport you participate in. Never apologize for not knowing what to say or explain that you "don't usually do this." This will come across as weak and may turn off a potential mate. Confidence is key. So, put your best foot forward and they will want to know more.

Accentuate the Positive

When writing your online profile, you are selling yourself. As your own wing man, you want to push all of your outstanding qualities to the forefront. If you're not exactly sure where you want to be in life, don't make a lot of money or still live at home with your mom, don't mention it in your profile. Focus on the things that make you unique and a good catch. By no means should you lie, but the less appealing things about you can be revealed at a later date, once you are getting to know someone.

Don't Exaggerate

No woman wants to date a liar. So, don't fill your profile with lies or half-truths. Don't say you drive a Ferrari when you really drive a Kia. Don't say you work closely with the president of your company if all you do is get coffee. Honesty is always the best policy. Be yourself and you will find someone that truly likes you for you.

Choose a Great Profile Picture

Posting a good photo can mean the difference between getting a second look or being overlooked. Choose a recent photo that is a good representation of the way you look in person. Select a closeup, smiling picture. Pictures that showcase an interest that you have, such as a photo of you in a team uniform, are good as well. Avoid pictures taken in the mirror. There's nothing more annoying than a profile picture where the person is standing in front of the mirror and you can see them holding their cell phone taking the photo. Stay away from pictures where you are shirtless or half-naked unless you are only looking for casual dating encounters. If you are looking for a more serious relationship, a fully-clothed, attractive picture of yourself will take you a lot farther.

Show Your Funny Side

Women love a man who can make them laugh. If you can make her chuckle while reading your profile, that is half the battle. If you're not a natural comedian, try telling a funny anecdote or revealing a funny, little known fact about yourself. Don't be afraid to make fun of yourself. Women like men who don't take themselves too seriously. Show your fun side to give her a taste of what dating you will be like.

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