Online Dating Tips for Girls

Following certain tips can help you attract a man and still stay safe.Following certain tips can help you attract a man and still stay safe.

If you are one of the many females engaging in online dating, you know how important it is to have a profile that grabs a guy's attention. While certain information and actions will turn a man off, others will make a guy want to talk to you. Adhering to certain tips, from the photograph to the description, will help you to attract men as well as stay safe.


When picking out photographs, it is best to choose ones that show off your body but not too much. Avoid bathing suit shots or pictures that are too revealing, such as those that show off too much cleavage. Opt for photos that show the right amount of skin so you don't come off as uptight or stiff. Choose a main picture that looks flirty and make sure to also include a photo that shows you doing something you love, such as playing an instrument. It can be an attention grabber and will allow people to message you with a conversation starter.


Keep information as private as possible. Never reveal to a man your home or work information. When mentioning what you like to do, avoid naming specific places. For a date, if a man offers to pick you up at your house, suggest meeting in a public place. It can be much safer for him to know very limited information about you until you are sure he can be trusted.


When discussing what you are looking for, avoid using the words "husband," "child," "partner for life" or anything similar. If men feel like you are too anxious to run down the alter or have a child, it could send him running. Talk about what you would like in the present, for example, "I'm looking for a man that I click with." Sound positive in your description and avoid complaining. A man typically wants a woman that is happy with herself and isn't looking for an emotional crutch.


If a man asks you or even suggests that you send him money or expensive items, report him to the site immediately; it doesn't matter where in the world he's located. Some women feel like they are doing a nice gesture or helping someone in need, but the person they are likely helping is a scam artist. There are many men out there who are going to be more interested in you as a person than in you as a target for a scam.

Read Messages Carefully

It's important for a woman to trust her instincts when corresponding with a man she met online. If he seems a little creepy, comes off like he can't be trusted or you feel threatened in any way, cut off ties immediately with him. Additionally, be wary of men proclaiming love or speaking about marriage, chances are they have ulterior motives. If you feel comfortable talking with the man after scrutinizing the correspondence, then he may be someone worth getting to know further.

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