Tips on Online Flirting

FlirtingFlirting defines flirting as "to play at love" or to "act amorously without serious intentions." No matter how you say it, flirting means showing another person that you're interested in them, whether it's casually or more intimately. Flirting gives both people a confidence boost by making the flirter feel outgoing and the flirtee feel desirable. Flirting online may seem harder because there is no physical interaction, but with the right skills you can achieve the same feeling as the real thing.


Show confidence by reminding yourself that you are an attractive and worthwhile person. Do not apologize to someone for the way you are. For example, never say, "I'm sorry, I must be boring you with this." or "I'm such a boring person." If you catch yourself rambling or sense the other person losing interest, just stop typing (or talking if you're using a webcam) and ask a friendly but flirty question such as, "So what's a beautiful girl like you doing on a night like this?" If she gives you a compliment, thank them; don't make a contradictory, self-defeating remark. Or, answer the compliment by saying, "Thanks, you're pretty attractive yourself." Statements like this show you're confident and interested without being offensive.


Use humor to catch her interest. Make a joke or a funny remark when the conversation lags, but do not act offensive. Avoid anything sexual unless you are close to this person and she already had made sexual jokes or statements to you. Do not joke about your exes. In fact, unless she specifically asks for details, it can appear you are not over your past relationships. Keep your jokes or statements simple at first. Corny humor can bring a smile to her face. Try using it in your subject lines when sending an e-mail. A statement such as, "Are you a thief? Because I think you just stole my heart" might cause her to groan, but she also might find it funny, and it's more interesting than a simple "How are you?" Everyone is different, however, and what catches one person's attention may not work for someone else. If you want to find out what she thinks of you, try a corny put probing statement along the lines of, "So, have I stolen your heart yet?" But wait until the two of you have talked several times, or you'll come across as pushy and possibly creepy.


Flirting itself can be considered a compliment. Using direct compliments that make her feel good signals interest and can create attraction. Avoid calling her words such as "babe" until you are close, unless she already uses nicknames for you. Calling her by her first name shows you respect her. Common compliments include an aspect of her looks, like her smile or charming eyes, or about one of her characteristics, such as telling her that she seems adventurous and fun to be around, or complimenting her taste if she likes a food, style of music or a movie that you also enjoy. Just be sure to give her compliments you really mean. If you say you love her taste in music when you actually don't, you might find yourself invited to concerts or given CDs that you hate and are forced to pretend you enjoy.

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