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Online personals provide a way for people to meet and communicate through the internet. Successful online dating involves knowing how to write a personal ad, watching for scams, chatting online and/or over the phone, and possibly meeting in person.

Writing Personal Ads

When writing a personal ad, include basic information, such as age, gender and location. You should also include information about your hobbies, career, children, interests and more. Finally, talk about the type of person you are hoping to meet. Once you are finished writing, proofread your ad before publishing it.


Once you have connected with someone through a personal ad, you should chat online or over the phone. This allows you to learn more about the person and lets you know if you want to move forward with an in-person meeting.


It is important to be safe when meeting someone in person. First, make sure you are ready to meet. If you are not comfortable meeting someone in person right now, don't. Continue chatting until you are ready. Arrange a first date at a public place, such as a restaurant. If you will be traveling to a different location during your date, take your own car. It's also a good idea to have a fully-charged cell phone with you during this first meeting.

Warning Signs

Not everyone you meet online will be worth your time to meet in person. If the person exhibits any of the following behaviors it is best to stay away and move on: being demeaning or disrespectful, being inconsistent with basic information, avoiding phone contact or pushing to meet very quickly.


Scams do occur in the online dating scene, and you should be on alert for them. Some "red flags" to look out for are avoidance answering questions; providing sad stories early on, especially if they say only you can help; asking for cash; or saying they are someone famous.

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