How to Openly Communicate Your Feelings for a Guy

Tell your guy exactly how you feel about his involvement in your life.Tell your guy exactly how you feel about his involvement in your life.

Taking the initiative to openly communicate your feelings for a guy involves showing a vulnerable side of yourself. While your actions can convey that you care, nothing makes your feelings more evident than when you state them. When you decide to make your feelings known, you want to relay them in a clear and direct manner so the object of your affection will know exactly how you feel.

Step 1

Arrange a situation where you can talk privately with the guy, so there are no distractions. A private dinner for two or an evening walk would work.

Step 2

Tell the guy that you enjoy spending time with him. Let him know the good qualities you've noticed in him and tell him that you appreciate those qualities. Use "I" statements, such as "I think the way that you volunteer your time to your elderly neighbors shows how much you care about others." Smile when you're talking and use a light tone to keep things from getting too intense.

Step 3

State how much you've grown to like him. or love him, if that's the case. "After spending time with you and getting to know who you are, I've grown to like you. I might even be falling in love with you." Pause to gauge his reaction before continuing. He may reply or he may be stunned. Either way, you've openly communicated your feelings for the guy.

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  • You don't have to arrange a special time or place to openly communicate your feelings. You can tell him how you feel at any time. Yet, a setting with no distractions would be best.


  • If you don't have an established rapport with the guy to whom you want to communicate your feelings, be cautious about what you say. He may be surprised, or even shocked about your feelings.
  • If you decide to communicate your feelings via phone, know that you won't be able to see the guy's facial expression and gauge his reaction to your news.

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