How to Organize a Romantic Scavenger Hunt

A great way to spice up your relationship and save money is to have a romantic scavenger hunt. You can choose to make a list together and go your separate ways to see who gets the most in a set amount of time. Or, you can enlist a third party to make the list and set out together to tackle it.

Decide with your partner whether you want to tackle the list together or separately.

Once you decide on how you are going to look for the items on the list, make a sample list so that you are both on the same page. If you are hunting together, give your sample list to a third party to comprise a list.

Depending on how much of the night you want to hunt, do 10 items for every hour. Next, allot point values to the items on the list. Things that are harder to get will be worth more.

In order to make it romantic, make sure all the items on the list somehow involve the two of you. Some examples are to find an ad of the restaurant the two of you first ate, get a quote on love from a family member or take a picture where the two of you first met.

Once the hunt is complete, calculate points to determine the winner.

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  • You could do this as a couple vs. couple hunt. It's actually more fun this way. You can be together and there is still someone you want to bet.

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