How to Get Out of the Friend Zone With a Guy

Finding yourself trapped in the friend zone with a guy you have romantic feelings for can cause frustration. It can be especially difficult to watch him interact with other women, while you’re relegated to being “just a friend.” While escaping the dreaded friend zone can be difficult, it’s not impossible. Using a multi-faceted approach can help turn that male friend into a boyfriend.

Step 1

Determine how you got into the friend zone. This is important as it can help you plan the most suitable approach for your situation. For example, simply breaking up with a current boyfriend can be your key to escaping the friend zone with a guy that settled on becoming your friend because you were already in a romantic relationship with someone else. Understand that it might be more difficult to get out of the friend zone with a guy that only viewed you as a friend. This is because changing his perception of you may be difficult.

Step 2

Use your position to your advantage. While only being seen as his friend can leave your stomach in knots, you can make it work for you. Capitalize by identifying the types of girls he likes and building strong bonds with his close friends and family. Realize that you also possess the ability to influence his relationship decisions, including some ability to shape his perception of what constitutes an ideal dating partner.

Step 3

Show him a different side of yourself. Sometimes breaking out the friend zone requires a drastic change. It can be difficult for a guy to pursue a romantic relationship with a woman he considers to be “just one of the boys” or a “little sister." Trade in your athletic wear for stylish dresses and accessories, or focus your conversations on more dating-oriented topics to present yourself in a different light.

Step 4

Express your desire to be more than just a friend. Approach him with your admission during a private moment. Let him know about your deeper feelings and ultimate desire to elevate your relationship. Relay how much it hurts when he insists on trying to introduce you to guys or when he laughs at suggestions of you two being a couple. Detail the aching feeling you get when he spends time with other girls. While relaying your feelings can be difficult, doing so can stop you from wondering what might have been.

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  • Timing is essential. Approaching him with your feelings while he’s involved in a romantic relationship could damage any relationship you have with him.
  • Dropping hints that you two would make a great couple might inspire him to imagine this same possibility.


  • Avoid lashing out at him if he is resistant to your advances. This likely will strain your friendship.

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