How to Get Over a Cheater With Dignity

Avoid altercations with your cheating ex.Avoid altercations with your cheating ex.

When you're cheated by your lover, whether spouse, fiancee, or dating partner, it's always painful. After the breakup, healing begins, and you may begin to question your self-worth. People with positive self-esteem can face the breakup and cheating situation with dignity by avoiding dramatic encounters or gossip regarding the situation.

Step 1

Reflect on the situation and remind yourself that it was not your fault. It is easy to look within yourself and try to find the reasons why this happened to you. The answers are not there, and you may never find the answer to that "why" question. Accept this fact and decide how you will move forward with your life. The cheater is no longer important; it is you who must learn from the situation and continue to live your life.

Step 2

Call a close friend and recruit that person to help you avoid calling the ex for a total of 60 days. The road to independence is long and it is easy to lose dignity by calling or otherwise contacting the cheating ex. After day 60 without contact, take the friend out for a celebration of your self-confidence, dignity and will to overcome weak moments of pain.

Step 3

Avoid talking about the ex to mutual friends, especially when there is nothing positive to say. Even when you feel you can trust that mutual friend, it puts a lot of pressure on the friend to hold your secrets from your ex. You will be viewed as a dignified, mature person if you hold your tongue around these friends.

Step 4

Cut off contact with the cheating ex's family. This is a difficult step if you were close to the family, but it is necessary. Whether they agree or disagree with the cheater's actions, they will continue to have contact with the cheater. Avoid the temptation of asking about the cheater by leaving the family alone.

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  • A person who has been cheated on does not deserve a repeat offender, so do not accept the person back into your life who has cheated time and again. If there is a need to make a remark about the person, simply state, "I hope they find what they need in life," and move on in the conversation to maintain your dignity.

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